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My name is Angelina Desjarlais.  I am a “Jane” of all trades.  I enjoy the things I do.  In all I do, I endeavor to do my best.

I am the proud owner and chief designer of Buzzy Beez Giftz.  BBG is a home-based, eCommerce business that hand makes greeting cards, personalized jewellery, paper crafts and made-to-order gifts.

I am also a writer.  The English language is one that is beautifully expressive; each word has its own identity that gives flair and description to a story.  I love a good story.

I work with a team of writers for an online News site.  As a reporter, I am assigned articles, keywords, research and all the responsibilities that come with being in the journalism circuit.

I am a wife and mother.  As a family, we enjoy being together, sharing stories we weave from our imagination, watching movies and laughing.  I am doubly blessed.

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